Mastering the Science of Sure

With more experience, scalability, credibility, and comprehensiveness—nobody has mastered the science of installation and automation, measurement, analysis, and production analytics quite like SPL.

We partner with leading operators nationwide to help prevent inaccuracies in hydrocarbon awareness across the hydrocarbon lifecycle. In fact, more than 90 percent of the world’s majors and 85 percent of America’s leading independent operators have used SPL as a trusted partner in ensuring their oilfield data integrity.

Next Gen Innovations. Old School Values.

Founded in Carthage, Texas, in 1944, SPL is considered one of the world’s most credible sources of unbiased third-party hydrocarbon insights. Keeping our focus centered on the core values of safety, integrity, innovation and service upon which our business was founded, we support operators with everything from accurate meter calibration and reporting to allocation production and data management.

And with expert laboratory personnel and field services teams at 19 strategic locations nationwide, we can ensure the quantity and quality of oil and gas assets at any scale. For more than 70 years, SPL has brought innovation and objective thought leadership to its fields—all with an unfettered commitment to getting it right for our customers.  That’s why SPL is one of the most trusted names in helping operators ensure confidence in hydrocarbon data.

Mission Statement

SPL exists to help our customers measure, analyze, allocate, and report their hydrocarbon products as safely, accurately, and quickly as possible. Our team is committed to safety, integrity, innovation, and service. Our management is committed to providing our staff with the right scientific tools and a learning environment which allows them to flourish and perform to their full potential.