Production Allocation

When it comes to production allocation, there is no such thing as a small oversight and all potential misallocations can have a huge impact on your business. That’s why so many operators trust SPL to help get it right.

Allocation inaccuracies can cripple your financial performance. SPL delivers rock-solid, defensible data on true asset volume and composition that minimizes risk exposure and gives you more control over operational and financial performance. Improving the accuracy of production allocation can aid operators in:

  • Protecting themselves from costly litigation with interest owners
  • Ensuring compliance with various regulatory parties
  • Monitoring and managing field production data
  • Estimating production volumes for the purpose of field simulation and reservoir management

With SPL supporting your allocation efforts, you’ll get not only more technically defensible data, but better asset protection and more predictive asset marketability data—all backed by the end-to-end data stewardship of the SPL team. Our allocation team helps you uncover true well-by-well production by:

  • Applying advanced process simulation modeling— as well as advanced regression analysis and data management
  • Consulting with you to ensure that all allocation programs, processes and protocols are in compliance with contracts
  • Troubleshooting specific instances of potential inaccuracy and advising on the best course of action

Don’t wait until potential allocation inaccuracies compound into costly problems. Call SPL today at (877) 775-5227 to schedule a meeting with one of our allocation specialists and get true production allocation down to a science.