Measurement Technician (Kingfisher, OK)

Job Skills/Responsibilities:

  • Procure gas and liquid samples
  • Repair gas and liquid sampler systems
  • Perform general mechanical procedures such as changing pipe fittings, piping, removing and installing turbine meters, etc.
  • Transporting of hazardous and/or non-hazardous materials
  • Electronic Flow measurement (EFM) data collection
  • Inspect, troubleshoot, and repair pressure regulator
  • Install and configure Electronic Flow Meter (EFM) hardware and software
  • Install and maintain DC Power Systems
  • Maintain and repair coriolis meters, orifice fittings, ultrasonic meters, positive displacement meters and turbine meters
  • Test and maintain transmitters and chart recorders
  • Test control valve and relief devices
  • Transfer/prove field meters
  • Trouble shoot and repair SCADA systems
  • Inspect, troubleshoot, and repair control valves and relief valves
  • Trouble shoot and repair Carbon Dioxide (CO2) analyzers, Oxygen (O2) analyzers, moisture analyzers and sulfur analyzers
  • Troubleshoot and repair controllers and positioners, Electronic Flow Measurement (EFM) hardware and software, gas samplers, turbine meters, ultrasonic meters and chromatographs
  • Troubleshoot, install, and repair coriolis meters
  • Troubleshoot and repair turbine and positive displacement meters
  • Handles special client requests

Minimum Requirements:

  • One year direct experience in installation, programming, and commissioning of electronic liquid and gas flow measurement equipment
  • One year direct experience in installation and commissioning of oil and gas communications equipment (cellular, radio, satellite)
  • One year direct experience in calibration, maintenance and troubleshooting EFM systems

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