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SPL offers measurement, analysis and reporting services across the hydrocarbon lifecycle. But we can also manage any of these functions in their entirety on a turnkey basis.

Every operator is different. And while the need for accuracy, precision, and protection of hydrocarbon data remains constant, every team has its own philosophy, resources, structure, and strength. That’s why SPL can work with you to outsource all or part of these mission-critical functions, to help you make the most of not only every hydrocarbon resource, but every human resource as well.

If your team is exploring ways to lower risk, improve the integrity of hydrocarbon data, or minimize CAPEX spending, contact us at (877) 775-5227 and inquire about outsourcing any of these hydrocarbon data functions.


Turnkey Measurement

Let SPL handle all of your field’s hydrocarbon measurement, from establishing remote data systems to performing everyday field services—even the little things like meter calibration. You’ll get global-class measurement accuracy and instant scalability without the intensive capital spend.

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Turnkey Analysis

The nation’s leading operators trust SPL and its 70+ year legacy of reliable, accurate lab services. From the 250+ tests we can run to specialty gas and liquid standards, let SPL be the single-source provider that can consistently bring insight into the precise value of assets.

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Turnkey Reporting

Nobody can afford unnecessary risk when it comes to the reporting function. SPL can also handle all of your field’s reporting requirements on a turnkey basis—protecting your information and interests in a way that’s streamlined and convenient.

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The SPL Total Confidence™ program delivers total lifecycle measurement, analysis and reporting of hydrocarbon data on a turnkey basis—ensuring end-to-end accuracy from the wellhead to the point of sale. All with the peace of mind that comes with a single, objective third party managing it for you.

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